Terms & Conditions

Additional Drivers
Extra drivers in addition to the hirer will be charged 10% of the net rental cost.                               

Driving Licences
All drivers must provide a full valid driving licence which must have been held for at least one year at the commencement of rental. Overseas visitors must produce a drivers licence valid in their own country and where applicable an International Driving Permit. Drivers between 21-24 years of age must have held a full licence free of endorsements for a minimum of two years.  Either driver's national insurance number or a DVLA check code ('checkmylicence') are required for our access to a driving record.  Any endorsements on licences are best disclosed prior to hire since there are circumstances when hire may be refused.

Insurance Excess Deposit
Drivers between 21-24 years of age are responsible for £750 of any accident damage. Drivers between 25-75 years of age are responsible for £500 - £1500 of any accident damage depending on vehicle group hired. A Pre Authorisation of £250.00 is taken as PART of the hirers liability before commencement of the rental. Any endorsements are accepted at the discretion of Pavilion Car Rental and their Insurers.

Excess Protection
Excess Protection reduces hirers liability to £100 for an additional daily fee (Not available on all Groups)

This service is only available to hires between 25-75.

Insurance Cover
All vehicles are insured for Fully Comprehensive Risk in accordance with Pavilion Car Rental`s Insurance policy.

Insurance arranged by Hirer (or Hirer’s agent)
In the event of an accident or damage to our vehicle whilst covered by Hirer’s Own Insurance cover, the Hirer or their agent are responsible for all repairs and hiring charges until the vehicle is returned to Pavilion Car Rental in the condition to which it was accepted at the commencement of the hire.

Vehicle Availability
Whilst every effort will be made to provide the vehicle requested, it may be necessary to       
substitute an alternative vehicle.

Vehicles supplied Full of fuel if returned NOT Full will be refilled by Pavilion Car Rental and charged to the costumers

Late notice cancellation fee

A late notice cancellation fee may be charged.