Licence & Insurance Information

This depends on what categories are on your driving licence. Everybody should have the entitlement to drive vehicles up to 3500kg GVW with up to 8 passenger seats apart from those holding a provisional license. If you want to hire a 7.5ton Truck, you must hold category C1 on your license. If you passed your driving test before January 1997, you may already have group C1 on your license but please check before booking your vehicle.

Some common categories include;

  • Category B includes Cars, 4x4’s, MPV’s and Light Commercial Vehicles up to and including a maximum weight of 3,500kgs and no more than 8 passenger seats.
  • Category C1 covers commercial vehicles up to and including a maximum weight of 7,500kgs.
  • Category D1 covers minibuses with no more than 16 passenger seats.
  • Category E permits towing, and will be added to another category, for example B+E, C1+E or D1+E.

Yes. If you have a UK Drivers Licence and National Insurance Number we imput that information onto the UK Government website which will display your driving history enabling us to risk assess on behalf of our insurance company. Minor offences are permissable.

EU, Commonwealth and North American licences are normally acceptable, but we may have to check licences issued in other countries with our insurers first. If you hold a foreign license and are living in the UK, you must be able to provide a current UK address. If you are a foreign visitor, you must be able to provide details of your current accommodation. The minimum age for overseas drivers is 25 years.

All of our prices include Collision Damage Waiver, so you will only be liable for damage repair costs up to £350 on most vehicles, £750 for MPV’s and larger commercials. A higher excess will be required for drivers under 25 years of age and drivers with endorsments on their licence.

Of course any excess is refunded if we recover the accident costs from a third party, and if the damage amounts to less than the excess, you will only be charged for the actual cost of repairs.

Excess Protection is a chargeable option that you can pay in order to reduce the amount of the insurance excess that you are liable for. You can reduce your excess liability to £100 (Except Minibuses) by paying this additional premium. This security excess is your liability in the event of any damage.

There are a number of circumstances where you will be liable for the full cost of repairs. These include;

  • All Glass, including windscreens, wheel and tyre damage.
  • Interior damage.
  • Roof damage.
  • Damage caused to the vehicle when not on the public highway.
  • Damage caused by the negligence of the hirer, for example racing, poor driving, using the wrong fuel in the vehicle or driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Theft of the vehicle.
  • Acts of Vandalism.
  • Malicious Acts.
  • If the terms and conditions of the rental agreement are breeched.

In addition to the above, any additional damage caused by operating a vehicle with a fault would not be covered by CDW and you could be liable for the full excess. For example, if you realise you have used the wrong fuel but continue to drive the vehicle, any additional damage caused would be your responsibility. If the vehicle develops a fault we would ask you to contact us immediately so we can access the situation and arrange breakdown recovery if required. This will help prevent additional vehicle damage from occurring.

Loss or damage to anything being transported is not covered by our insurance. Your home contents insurance may cover personal items being carried, but we suggest you check this beforehand.

Yes but it is usually only corporate hirers who are able to cover vehicles on their own insurance. Any cover must be fully comprehensive and valid for the type of vehicle hired. We must also have a copy of your insurance certificate. Please contact us for more details.

Operators of vehicles over 3500kg GVW or with more than 9 seats need to hold an Operator’s Licence if the vehicle is being used for business purposes (hire or reward). If, for example, you are moving personal effects or family members you do not require an Operator’s license. However, if you are transporting goods or passengers in connection with a business, or you’re being paid for doing it, you will need to talk to VOSA about obtaining an Operators license. We will need to see a copy of your Operators license before you can hire a vehicle from us.